25 April 2019 from 17:15 to 19:00

Your Perspective: education and training

Sharing knowledge. Fostering skills. Creating engagement. Educators and trainers all over the globe inspire billions of people every day. From kindergarten to university, to life long learning. The possibilities for careers in education and training are endless, whether you want to teach in high school until your retirement, or be a freelance workshop facilitator.

This month’s Your Perspective is all about education and training. With a degree in the humanities you can easily become a teacher, trainer or some other kind of educator. Our panel of alumni will give you a taste of what’s possible, how to get there, and what skills and preparation you would need for a career in this broad field. We will host a diverse panel to show you a wide range of opportunities.

Speakers (more to be added!)

Daan Rossewij
Daan is an alumnus of German language and culture and works as teacher of German and French at the Herman Jordan Montessori Lyceum Utrecht. He also works at the HAN University of Applied Sciences, where he trains teachers-to-be.

Bjorn Beijnon
Bjorn is an alumnus of Media studies. He works at the HU University of Applied Sciences and at Utrecht University as a lecturer. Before this, he worked at SpelenderGrijs, where he taught elderly people in nursing homes about media studies topics.

Marleen Severijnen
Marleen is an alumna of Dutch language and culture and Linguistics. Marleen has a lot of different working experience in education. She teaches Dutch as a second language to people who are new in the Netherlands, but she also trains native Dutch speakers in their use of Dutch for work-related purposes. Before this, she’s also worked as a teacher of Dutch in secondary and vocational education and at a foreign university.


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25 April 2019 17:15
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25 April 2019 19:00
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