Your Perspective: (Cultural) Entrepreneurship

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Humanities students acquire some tremendous entrepreneurial skills which they are not always aware of, eg: seeing connections, making links, thinking creatively, figuring out the question(s) behind the question, preparing meticulously, etc. Yet, entrepreneurship is usually not something that first comes to mind when Humanities students think about their professional future. Maybe they consider becoming a freelancer, which is essentially the same in some way. Perhaps this has to do with the image of ‘entrepreneurship’ and the fact that this not only means thinking, but also acting!

We offered an Entrepreneurship for Humanities students course for a few years, to provide students with tools like Business Canvas Model, market analyses, professional profiling, networking and pitching. Unfortunately this course is not available anymore but the Centre for Entrepeneurship offers electives for students interested in entrepreneurship, and Career Services can help you with the professional profiling, networking and pitching!

But beside the entrepeneurial tools and tricks (which can be found online and in books) some Humanities alumni apparently had a higher level of entrepreneurship in their blood. In this Your Perspective session they tell their story, reflect on their successes and failures. And: you can ask them all the questions you have.

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