Workshops at Parnassos: Burlesque (English)


You may know Burlesque from the Moulin Rouge in Paris. Burlesque comes from the Italian word "Burla" = joke. Burlesque is therefore often an exaggeration of an expression such as being extremely shy, feeling very sexy or being hugely awkward.

Burlesque classes by Charlotte are stylish, brought with humor and a safe space to develop yourself. In class, we pay attention to: moving elegantly and femininely, with or without heels. We make use of your strengths and your beauty. You certainly don't have to take off your clothes!

We summarize exercises in a choreography that is sometimes feminine, sometimes funny or just very clumsy. An hour of burlesque guarantees laughter together, trying out new moves for your next party or conquest and developing your dramatic ability. You get your own stage name.

Burlesque increases your self-confidence and self-esteem. This is THE course if you want to move more easily, beautifully and comfortably in your heels. But you may also dance in socks, sneakers or bare feet during class.

Charlotte van den Reek


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