Workshop What's your Team Role (in English)


At times, doing a PhD can be a solitary process. You are expected to work independently on your research and writing activities. At the same time you are required to collaborate with PhDs and scientists from your department. And for some of your (extracurricular) research activities you team up with people and professionals from different backgrounds. Developing your teamwork skills as a scientist is key to professional success and well-being in the workplace. What role do you prefer to take when working in a team? 
In this workshop you will get an introduction to several team role theories. We will then focus on the 9 Belbin team roles. You will fill in a self-assessment questionnaire to explore your own team role preference. As a group we will make an inventory and you will learn more about the strengths and possible pitfalls that come with each role. You will also get a group assignment to further experience the various team roles and to understand how these roles are complementary. We conclude the workshop by looking ahead on how to maximize your team role preference(s) within your PhD-project and, possibly, the next step in your career.
After this workshop you will have a better understanding of group dynamics and your own team role preference(s). This can help you to make teamwork both more pleasant and productive. Aside from these benefits it may also guide you in the process of career orientation and planning.

Who is it for

PhDs of all graduate schools, regardless of your type of contract or the year of your PhD-project; Postdocs and temporary teachers from all faculties, regardless of your type of contract (pilot)


Rutger-Jan Scholtens

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