Workshop: The Science Challenge (with drinks & pizza)

Student input wanted!


Do you want to be involved in shaping the curriculum and/or influence the development of a cool new interdisciplinary and challenge-based course at the Faculty of Science? This is the time! Sign up for our workshop on 21 November (15.00-17.00h) in the Vagant (de Zaal) via this link. There will be drinks and pizza afterward, let’s connect!

Participation is possible for all Science students (Bachelors and Masters).

The Science Challenge

At the Science Faculty we aspire to offer students a curriculum that is fun and at the same time contributes to the development and finetuning of knowledge and skills that will give them an edge in their future career as a professional or researcher. We believe interdisciplinary team science is an important driver for future innovations and scientific progress. The Science Challenge offers just such an experience: a course in which you and your team can freely work on solutions for a suggested scientific or societal challenge. But of course we can’t develop our ideas further without first connecting with you!

Join us for a design workshop (1.5h) during which we will pretend we’ve just completed the first successful edition of the course. Which key elements in the design were essential for this success? Which particular actions contributed to student participation and the great evaluation afterwards? Groups present their ideas at the end of the workshop to each other as a newspaper editorial.

After the workshop you can sign up for one of two project groups that will further develop the Challenge (we hope to run the first edition in 2023/2024).

Start date and time
End date and time
The Vagant

Sign up via this link.