29 November 2021 from 17:15 to 19:15

Workshop Navigating Life in Times of Change

Whether it’s COVID, moving to a new country, starting university, or switching careers, life is full of all sorts of unexpected and self-chosen changes! Learning how to deal with them is essential for creating our success and happiness. Through this workshop you will join your fellow students in open, peer-to-peer discussions around your impactful life changes. You will gain insight into how change behaves as a phenomenon, how it affects you personally, and how you can accept change as a natural part of life. Together, we will also work on discovering the hidden opportunities that change creates for each of us and develop new life skills so that you are not surprised nor unprepared when it reappears in your life.

What’s the plan?

The setting of the workshop is non-judgmental, open, empowering, and focused on peer-to-peer learning. You and the group will bring in your own experiences, challenges, and solutions around the theme so that the session becomes a personalized experience. You are at the center, and you walk away with tools, solutions, insights that are valuable and meaningful to you, and that help you move forward on your desired path of life – whatever that looks like.

For whom?

Students of the faculty of Medicine.


Christiaan Caanen (Global Young Leaders)


Start date and time
29 November 2021 17:15
End date and time
29 November 2021 19:15