Workshop: How to Manage your Supervisor

Workshop GSLS


Workshop for all GSLS students organized by Career Services and the Life Sciences Academy

An internship comes with many challenges: you have to organize your research activities and are expected to handle the workload. At the same time you are responsible for reporting your ideas, findings, and progress to your supervisors. Hence, communication competency is essential for professional success and well-being in the workplace.

In this workshop we will focus on the communication between you and your supervisor. Managing your supervisor and co-workers starts with managing yourself. Therefore, you will answer a short questionnaire to reflect on your own working style. We discuss the differences between styles and zoom in on strengths and possible challenges. Next you explore the leadership style of your supervisor. We will discuss different types of leadership and how to deal with them. Ultimately, we will simulate feedback sessions where you can practice your personal learning goal and improve your communication skills.

The result of this workshop will be that you have a better understanding of your own and your supervisor's communication style. By combining these insights with experiential learning you will be able to improve the communication with your supervisor.

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Bestuursgebouw - Room 0.33A
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