Workshop Energy management (English language)


As a student, you have more than enough to do. You want to get the most out of your studies, perhaps you have a job on the side or a board year, and of course you want to have enough energy left over to enjoy social activities and student life. It is a constant process of switching between different appointments, environments, roles and responsibilities. If you want to keep this up, it is important to recharge sufficiently and to experience a certain balance between exertion and relaxation during the day. 

In this workshop you will gain more insight into your personal energy management. You will discover that your personal battery consists of several components. Each component can become depleted when you use it and therefore needs to be recharged - after all, you are only as fit as your weakest component. 

What needs energy and what gives you energy? What happens when you expend your energy in large amounts and for long periods at a time? In what ways can you recharge your energy actively or passively? And how can you use your energy sustainably? You will work with all these questions. You will get theory, do exercises and reflect individually and together with the group. 

After attending this workshop, you will have more control over your own energy pattern. This leads to less waste, more flow and a better energy balance as a result.

If you are looking for time management tips and tricks it is recommended to follow (first) the workshop "Working consciously & effectively".

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