Workshop Energy Management (English)


To what extent do you monitor your energy levels during the day and plan your activities accordingly? An active or passive break if necessary? Or do you recognize the tendency to continue working at the expense of proper breaks? Skipping a meal and having sugar cravings later? The fact is that the harder we work, the less likely we are able to observe how we are doing. Or, more importantly, what we really need.

In this workshop you will learn more about your personal energy management. What is energy – on an individual level - and how can you organize that in a sustainable way? We will do this by analyzing your physical, emotional and mental battery. You will investigate what requires energy and what gives you energy and you can create a better balance between energy expenditure and recovery. You will familiarize with active and passive forms of renewal that can help to restore your stamina, mood or concentration. Also, you will investigate how boredom, being overwhelmed and the concept of flow are interrelated. Applying the concept of flow to your own work life can help you to increase your task engagement and job satisfaction.

Yke Eijkemans


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