12 October 2021 from 11:00 to 12:30

Workshop Active Bystander (English language)

When you witness inappropriate behavior, you can take action yourself. But how? In the ‘Active Bystander’ training, you learn about signs of inappropriate behavior and you receive tools to make inappropriate behavior discussable.

What is an Active Bystander?

Bullying, gossip, exclusion, or jokes at someone else’s expense are next to (sexual) harassment, discrimination, and violence, examples of inappropriate behavior. Do you sometimes witness inappropriate behavior? As a bystander, you can choose to ignore this behavior (passive bystander) or take action (active bystander). As an active bystander, you make a difference and contribute to the identification and discussion of inappropriate behavior. By defining the boundaries of inappropriate behavior, a culture change occurs, and the continuation and normalization of inappropriate behavior are prevented as much as possible.

For whom?

The Active Bystander training is for all UU students.


In the Active Bystander training, you learn about signs of inappropriate behavior and how to act when witnessing inappropriate behavior.


  • You recognize the normalization of inappropriate behavior
  • You learn to react when witnessing inappropriate behavior
  • You learn the four response options
  • You reflect on your own behavior


Marloes Siccama Integrity Training


This training will be in English


1,5 hours


Start date and time
12 October 2021 11:00
End date and time
12 October 2021 12:30