Wellbeing Week: 8 t/m 17 May 2023

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During the Wellbeing Week, you can participate in activities, workshops, and events focused on wellbeing and vitality.

Wellbeing Week: 8 t/m 17 May

How do you feel? What's going well for you, and what could be improved (and how can you do that)? These questions and more will be addressed during the workshops and activities of the Wellbeing Week. We'll be covering the mental, physical, and even spiritual aspects of your wellbeing. We'll also talk about anything that can impact your wellbeing, such as your environment, the people around you, your work, finances, and intellectual challenge.


The programme lands in your inbox and will be posted on the Wellbeing Week website on 19 April. You can register starting from 26 April. 

Keep an eye on the programme because you'll surely find something that suits you! Last year, for example, you could sign up for a course on decision-making, sport lessons such as Rocycle and MMA, or a theater production about the mental health sector.

More about wellbeing

n addition to the Wellbeing Week, we have a lot more help and resources available at Utrecht University. We offer weekly trainings and coaching sessions.

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