The Power of Social Entrepreneurship: A Panel Discussion


Join us for an insightful exploration into the world of social entrepreneurship, featuring three inspiring social entrepreneurs and an academic expert. Discover what it truly means to create positive social impact while building a sustainable business model. 

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About the event

This event is co-organized by the UU Centre for Entrepreneurship and Enactus UCU, the student organization for social entrepreneurship at UCU. After a short introduction about social entrepreneurship, we will start the panel discussion, for which we invited the (co-)founders of three innovative social enterprises to share their personal experiences, insights, and visions for the future of social entrepreneurship. Of course, there will be enough room for your questions. Afterwards, there is an opportunity to network with drinks and snacks. 

Meet the social entrepreneurs:

Monique Drent from The Swapshop: The Swapshop is a sustainable fashion initiative that aims to revolutionize the way we consume clothing. They provide a platform for individuals to swap pre-loved garments, promoting a circular economy and reducing textile waste. With a focus on sustainability and community, The Swapshop encourages conscious consumption while fostering a sense of social responsibility.

Esther Smit from Oxious Talent Factory: Oxious Talent Factory is a large-scale sewing studio that aims to show that social challenges can be solved from new business models. It is a social enterprise dedicated to empowering individuals distanced from the labor market while bringing about a sustainable transition in the textile industry. Oxious Talent Factory shows that a dual mission, social and ecological impact, is not only necessary but also achievable! 

Jori Lamboo from Green Side: Green Side harnesses the full potential of materials. They create personalized notebooks from old school paper and envelopes from recycled posters. This is done in collaboration with social workshops in various Dutch cities. Green Side is committed to creating sustainable solutions and driving social impact by making everything they do sustainable, social, and local. 

Meet the academic expert: The panel will be accompanied by Niels Bosma, full professor in social entrepreneurship at UU.

For whom?

Any interested UU student and/or Enactus member! There’s no prior knowledge or preparation needed (but feel free to think of questions for the speakers beforehand). The event is free of charge, registration is mandatory. Please let us know via email in due time if your plans change. The language of the event is English.

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UU Auditorium (Kriekenpitplein 1, 3584 EC Utrecht)
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