16 October 2018 from 13:30 to 15:00

Study Abroad Presentation

Study abroad in five steps

Always wanted to study abroad? But a little unclear about the details? Come to one of the study abroad presentations!

Interested in a different field of study? Then take a look at the universitywide destinations and go to a presentation of their International Office. 

Presentation Geosciences

If you primarily want to take Geoscience courses, then a faculty exchange is the way to go. Come to the faculty Study Abroad Presentation! Students will talk about their experiences and the Geosciences International Officer will tell you what to expect. Check the faculty destinations. If you point to the "i" behind a respective destination, you can see the research area and if it is open for Bachelor's or Master's students. Also see how UU student Feike-Jan faired (on Instagram andTwitter) who studied 'down under' at RMIT University.  

Terms and conditions

  • You are enrolled as a full-time student at Utrecht University during your exchange and pay tuition fees. 
  • You have obtained at least 60 EC befóre going abroad.
  • You have to fit the courses abroad in your study programme (see www.students.uu.nl/en/geo > your study programme > Academic > Study programme). 
  • You have to graduate within 4 years. 

Application and planning

The application deadline for an exchange period (semester or year) abroad for the 2019-2020 academic year is 1 december 2018. So start planning on time! Do you need help with your study planning? Then please contact your Study Advisor (see www.students.uu.nl/en/geo > your study programme > Contact > Study Advisor). 

Start date and time
16 October 2018 13:30
End date and time
16 October 2018 15:00
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