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Do you have good ideas about sustainability at the Humanities faculty? Then sign up for the first meeting of the faculty's Green Team, on 27 January at 17:15. During this online meeting, we will tell you more about the set-up of Green Teams and the role that students and staff can play.

What is a Green Team?

A Green Team is a group of volunteers consisting of students and/or employees that supports and stimulates the sustainability process of the faculty. The exact composition, size and working method of a Green Team can vary: what the faculty needs is leading. The Green Teams are an initiative of Green Office Utrecht University, inspired by the Green Teams of TU Delft. Because the members of a Green Team come from within the faculty, they know what is going on, where the interests of students and staff lie and what is already being done about sustainability. 

Are you enthusiastic and would you like to contribute to the faculty's first Green Team? Then sign up via the link below.

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Sign up for the meeting and/or register right away for participation in the Humanities Green Team.