21 June 2021 from 10:00 to 12:00Career

Online Workshop Working Consciously & Effectively From Home (in Dutch)

Studying and working from home was always an option, but is now simply a fact. Until the summer holiday you will have to work from home. This creates new challenges to get your work done. You will need to work alone more, there is less variety and everything goes online now. How do you stay productive in such a situation?

In this online workshop (Microsoft Teams) we discuss the obstacles and challenges of working at home. In a group of max. 8 participants, we reflect on personal struggles in dealing with time and tasks from home. Themes that are discussed relate to daily planning, prioritizing and staying focused. With each theme you will receive tips and tricks from the trainer to deal with this effectively.

This online training helps you to better deal with the current working-from-home-situation. This can help to prevent stress and increase your productivity.

After registration, the trainer will send you some questions to prepare for the workshop.

Who is it for
3rd-year and 4th-year Bachelor and Master students, recent UU graduates and PhDs of all Graduate schools

Rutger-Jan Scholtens


Please send an email to careerservices@uu.nl.

Start date and time
21 June 2021 10:00
End date and time
21 June 2021 12:00