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During the Life Sciences Career Event webinars, (young) alumni who work in different jobs at different organizations, will tell you more about their work. Get to know how it is like to work at a pharmaceutical company, at a non-profit organization or within academia. This webinar will start of with a short introduction, after which two alumni will give a presentation about their career and the choices they made. You have the possibility to ask all your questions beforehand or during the webinar by chat.


16:00Start and introduction
16:05Alba Fernandez-Andreu
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More information about the alumni will follow soon.

About Alba Fernandez-Andreu

I am from Andalucía, southern region of Spain. I have lived in Utrecht for more than 7 years. I studied Psychology in the University of Granada, and for the last year of the Bachelors I moved to the Netherlands with an Erasmus scholarship. After graduating, I entered the Neuroscience and Cognition program, and specialized in Experimental and Clinical Neuroscience. My internships took place in the UMC Utrecht, in the groups of Prof. Elly Hol at the Department of Translational Neuroscience, Dr. Cora Nijboer at the Laboratory of Neuroimmunology and Developmental Origins of Disease, and Dr. Janneke Zinkstok at the Department of Psychiatry and Brain Center.

I graduated from the masters right at the start of the covid pandemic, so I worked at the GGD as covid tester while I applied for other jobs. I got a great opportunity at PPD, a CRO now acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific as part of their clinical research group. I started by working in project assistant roles (namely Site Activation and Clinical Trial Coordinator) and I have recently been promoted to Clinical Research Associate (CRA). I am responsible for setting up, coordinating and supervising clinical studies in diverse therapeutic areas.

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