From 11 March 2019 00:05 to 17 March 2019 23:55

National Week Without Meat

Vegetarisch broodje

From 11 to 17 March is the second edition of the National Week Without Meat. Utrecht University and Sodexo are participating in this. This week, the caterer only offers vegetarian meals and sandwiches without meat / fish in the company restaurants.

If you do not eat meat for a week as an adult, you save 130 liters of water, 76 kilometres of driving a car and 770 grams of animal meat. In 2030 the UU wants to be completely CO2 neutral. To achieve this, Utrecht University makes her business operations more sustainable. This means, among other things, that the university wants to stimulate that students and employees eat less meat. Eating less meat means emitting less CO2.

National Week without Meat

The initiators of the National Week Without Meat call on all Dutch people to refrain from eating meat (and fish) from 11 to 17 March, and to eat vegetarian instead. They want to make people aware of the positive impact of eating less meat and to show how easy it is to eat no meat (and fish).

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Start date and time
11 March 2019 00:05
End date and time
17 March 2019 23:55