Life Sciences Seminar - Bio-inspired Nanocarriers for Effective Delivery of Biotherapeutics

Life Sciences Seminar


Master's programme-related seminar organised by Drug Innovation and the GSLS.


Prof. dr. Enrico Mastrobattista

Enrico Mastrobattista is a drug delivery scientist with a special focus on nanomedicines. His research focusses on the delivery of therapeutic proteins and/or nucleic acids to the intended site of action in the human body. Besides leading a small team of scientists, he teaches topics related to Pharmaceutical Biotechnology in several Bachelor and Master programs. He is also head of the Pharmaceutics division and a board member of the Netherlands Society for Gene and Cell Therapy (


Proteins and nucleic acids can be used as therapeutics provided that they can be delivered to the right location in the human body. This might seem trivial, but is in fact a daunting challenge that prevent many biotherapeutic drug candidates to reach the patient. In this lecture I will explain the importance of drug delivery and the type of drug delivery systems that are being developed. I will highlight some ongoing research projects in my lab and provide a glimpse in the future of drug delivery.


After the seminar there will be drinks in the restaurant of the Educatorium from 5 pm to 6:30 pm. Come and join the drinks to network with fellow Life Sciences students and the speakers!

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