Life Sciences Seminar and Supervisor of the Year Award

Broad-topic seminar and supervisor of the year event


Broad-topic seminar and Supervisor of the Year event organised by the GSLS.


Dr. Renske de Kleijn


Research projects form a large proportion of the GSLS master programmes. During these research projects students can feel quite dependent on the feedback of their supervisor(s). And even though in most cases this process goes just fine, we know that there are also cases in which the student and/or supervisor are not satisfied with how things go. Therefore, in this LS seminar we discuss what is known from educational research about effective research supervision and feedback. This will help to articulate even better what students can expect from their supervisors and vice versa.

In line with this, during the seminar the GSLS will formally launch the Supervision Expectations and Evaluation Dialogue tool: The SEED tool. A tool intended to contribute to an effective, efficient, and enjoyable learning experience for students and supervisors in our research projects. To celebrate the good research supervision practices in the GSLS we will end the seminar with announcing the GSLS Supervisor of the Year. All in all, this will be a LS Seminar you do not want to miss, and please, invite your supervisor as well.


A registration link will be shared during the seminar via QR-code. 


Educatorium - Theatron


After the seminar there will be drinks in the hall of the Ruppert building from 5 pm to 6:30 pm. Come and join the drinks to network with fellow Life Sciences students!

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A registration link will be shared during the seminar via QR-code.