28 October 2021 from 16:00 to 17:00

Several Thursday afternoon sessions to choose from!

Life Sciences Career Events - Online webinars

Are you curious what kind of jobs are possible after finishing your (master) degree? Join the Life Sciences Career Event ONLINE webinars!

During the Life Sciences Career Event ONLINE webinars, (young) alumni who work in different jobs at different organizations, will tell you more about their work. Get to know how it is like to work at a pharmaceutical company, at a non-profit organization or within academia. This webinar will start off with a short introduction, after which two alumni will give a presentation about their career and the choices they made. You have the possibility to ask all your questions beforehand or during the webinar by chat.

The Life Sciences Career Event ONLINE webinars will take place on Thursdays from 16.00 to 17.00. You will find the upcoming events in the calender below. 

Programme in short

16:00     Start and introduction
16:05     Alumnus 1
16:20     Q&A
16:30     Alumnus 2
16:45     Q&A
16:55     Closure


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Alumna 1: Marjolein Bovens Wisse

Nowadays, assessments are a common tool during job applications. But what is an assessment, what is the goal and perhaps more importantly: how do you prepare for it? Marjolein Bovens Wisse has a lot of experience in recruitment, e.g. at the fourth largest bank in the Netherlands “de Volksbank” and the Dutch National Police Corps. During this webinar Marjolein will talk you through the steps of the assessment procedure.

Alumnus 2: Bastiaan Ilmer

As from a young age, he has always been amazed by the stunning processes, forms, and mechanisms found in nature. With a profound interest in the medical world, Bastiaan decided to study “Biomedical Sciences” in 2013. Hereafter, he discovered a broader passion for general biology in combination with sustainability, and widened his scope within the Master’s program “Bio-Inspired Innovation” at Utrecht University. In this program, he was able to combine and blend his interest in the medical sector and sustainability. Projects within the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital and at the Future Centre LEF of Rijkswaterstaat were conducted. Both experiences were totally different in a research perspective. In 2020, this program was finished and due to the coronavirus application for jobs was harder to fulfil. However, with his medical background and motivation to assist in educating local inhabitants about COVID and the vaccination program, he decided to join the GGD (Municipal Health Services) in their mission. After a full year of dynamic and versatile crisis management, he became aware of emerging possibilities in the – now better – job market. Currently, Bastiaan is finishing his work at the GGD and prepares for a big new adventure within consultancy at TwynstraGudde. Here he will start mid-November.

Start date and time
28 October 2021 16:00
End date and time
28 October 2021 17:00