27 January 2022 from 16:00 to 17:00

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Life Sciences Career Events - Online webinar

Are you curious what kind of jobs are possible after finishing your (master) degree? Join the Life Sciences Career Event ONLINE webinar!

During the Life Sciences Career Event ONLINE webinars, (young) alumni who work in different jobs at different organizations, will tell you more about their work. Get to know how it is like to work at a pharmaceutical company, at a non-profit organization or within academia. This webinar will start off with a short introduction, after which two alumni will give a presentation about their career and the choices they made. You have the possibility to ask all your questions beforehand or during the webinar by chat.

The Life Sciences Career Event ONLINE webinars will take place on Thursdays from 16.00 to 17.00. You will find the upcoming events in the calendar below.

Alumnus 1: Luc Haverhals

Master's programme: Environmental Biology
Current position: Junior ecologist at Arcadis

Luc Haverhals works as an ecologist at a large international consultancy firm called Arcadis. He joined Arcadis after finishing his masters Ecology and Natural resources management in 2019. During his study Luc focused on plant - and vegetation ecology both in the tropics (Suriname, Congo-basin) and in the Netherlands. At Arcadis he can apply his knowledge of vegetations and plants in his work. Luc’s work mainly consists of assignments from businesses, local and national governments and how they must apply the Dutch nature law. He advises companies or governments how to prevent conflictions with the nature law within their projects. The application of academic knowledge to everyday problems is what is making his daily job very interesting and engaging. Luc feels he can really make a difference in conserving an (natural) area that would otherwise be destroyed. His day-to-day activities consist of field work (mostly in spring and summer), analyzing large datasets with R or excel, using GIS to make maps or analyzing spatial data and writing advisory reports. Some of his more notable projects at Arcadis are focused on the transformation of river floodplains, writing management plans of our protected natural areas or mapping the distribution of rare plants. Luc hopes to see you at his presentation about my career at January 27!

Alumna 2: Maureen Galmes-Spit, PhD

Bachelor: Biomedical Sciences, UU 
Master: Cancer, Stem Cells and Developmental Biology (CS&D) 
PhD: Dept. Cell Biology, UMCU 
Current position: Assistant Professor transitioning from academia towards pharmaceutical industry as Project PI of a startup company, UMCU. 

After more than 10 years in academia (PhD in Cell Biology and 2 postdocs focused on regulation of signaling in cancer), I have recently changed career to help set up a startup company that develops a novel cancer treatment method.  

I have always been interested in how the cells in our body communicate with each other and especially in learning what goes wrong in cancer. During my whole career, I have focused on signal transduction and cell biology and wanted to understand the underlying molecular mechanisms at the basis of disease, and more specifically cancer. Thus, I have always performed very fundamental science, and now I’m actually utilizing this fundamental knowledge to a more applied and translational goal to develop a novel treatment method for cancer patients. 

Although I’m afraid I don’t have any ‘golden rule or advice’, I’m happy to share my career path and experiences on Jan 27th. 

Programme in short

16:00     Start and introduction
16:05     Alumnus 1
16:20     Q&A
16:30     Alumnus 2
16:45     Q&A
16:55     Closure

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