28 October 2019 from 10:00 to 11:30

Let’s Talk Screenwriting: Screenwriting and Creativity

How can screenwriters express their creativity in their screenplays for broadcast drama and streaming platform content? What kind of parameters constitute the framework for their working practice? How can creativity be fostered in an ever changing and fundamentally commercialised media industry?

UCMR cordially invites all students from Bachelor’s- and (Research) Master’s programmes, scholars in media, communication and arts, screen­writers and media professionals, and all further audiences to this talk between scholars and industry professionals. 

This is the first of three sessions in the Let’s Talk Screenwriting series on Creativity, Viewing Metrics and Performance. During the last two decades, transformations in the media and television industries have brought about significant changes in production processes and the work (and role) of screenwriters in particular. In the sessions scholars from across Europe will work together with screenwriters and other professionals to examine how these changes alter creative practices, what they mean for rendering a screenplay into a performance, and how new technology driven information, such as viewing data and direct feedback through social media, impact screenwriting processes. The aim of these gatherings is to get academics and screenwriters into a productive conversation with each other by reflecting on the relationship between and knowledge from both research and practice.

Bridget Conor (King's College) and Annemieke van Vliet (creative producer, Fiction Valley) will be joined by dramaturge and script editor Astrid van Keulen (AVROTROS) to discuss the relationship between creativity and screenwriting, screenwriting as creative labour, and practices of managing and catering for creativity.


Let’s Talk Screenwriting: Creativity, Viewing Metrics and Performance is an initiative of UCMR, an interdisciplinary research group at Utrecht University working on problems that demand a media perspective and mobilize our academic knowledge for public and private use. Check the event on Facebook. 


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Start date and time
28 October 2019 10:00
End date and time
28 October 2019 11:30