From 24 August 2020 09:00 to 26 August 2020 17:00

GeoUtrecht2020 conference

Utrecht University, together with KNGMG - Koninklijk Nederlands Geologisch Mijnbouwkundig Genootschap (The Royal Geological and Mining Society of the Netherlands) and DGGV - Deutsche Geologische Gesellschaft – Geologische Vereinigung (German Geological Society) is organising the GeoUtrecht2020 conference between 24-26 August 2020 as an online event via Microsoft Teams (full technical details are available at The number of participants is fairly unknown at this stage, but up to 500 colleagues are expected to participate.

The technical part of the event requires a number of up to 7 “organisers” familiar with Microsoft Teams (and its screen-sharing system) to act in the week preceding and during the conference. We prefer that these organisers are students in Earth Sciences or Geosciences that are interested in gaining experience (Earth Science knowledge and technical) during the activities of GeoUtrecht2020. The organisers will:

  • Read and understand in advance the technical details of the conference when available on the conference website in a few days;
  •  Meet remotely online twice via MS Teams in advance of the conference (end June and around 14 August) for technical descriptions, demos and discussions. Meetings are expected to be within one hour;
  • In the week before the conference they should be available online remotely to help participants with common issues as audio, video or screen-sharing connections. The instructions on the website are very detailed and specific, and, therefore, only few participants are actually expected to ask for help. No such assistance will be provided during the actual conference;
  • In the 3 days of the conference these organisers must be physically located at the UU and working on hardwired UU computers for 100% reliability and secured bandwidth (safe access in corona times stilt be arranged). Their responsibility will be to screen-share via MS Teams, assist and enforce the conference policy during sessions/events/networking;
  • They must be connected between themselves and organising staff located remotely by an alternative way of communication, other than the conference one (such as an Whatsapp group via 4G, NOT university internet);
  • No registration charges will be taken for this conference and, therefore, we do not have funding available to pay technical organisers.

If you are interested and available, please send a short e-mail to by specifying the mobile number for the WhatsApp group. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Start date and time
24 August 2020 09:00
End date and time
26 August 2020 17:00