Festival 'the Celtic Summer': 100 years Celtic at UU!

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It was 100 years ago this summer that the first research into Celtic languages and culture was conducted at UU. We're celebrating that with 'The Celtic Summer'.

Featuring lively Irish-Gaelic tunes and plenty of Celtic entertainment

The Celtic Summer kicks off on 31st June at Tivoli Vredenburg, where the Irish-speaking band IMLÉ will provide the official opening. The following day, you can relax and wander along the stalls in the courtyard of the University Library. Throughout the day, there will be workshops, lectures, films, new publications, and musical surprises. Here's a sneak peek:

  • Lecture: 'What is a Celt?'

  • Minicourse: Old Frisian

  • Lecture: '100 Years of Celtic'

  • Workshop: Making folding almanac

  • Tragicomix: Branwen - a performance

  • The Celtic Harp - a Musical Journey

  • Workshop: Fidchell 

Want to know more and register?

Check out the website 100 jaar Keltisch in Utrecht for the full program and don't forget to register if you'd like to join the workshop or alumni reunion!

Start date and time
End date and time
UB & Drift 27
Entrance fee
Student tickets for IMLÉ: 12,50 (the rest of the programme is for free)