EWUU Challenge: the regenerative city

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  • Start: Saturday 20th of July 2024
  • End: Friday 26th of July 2024
  • For: Master’s, PhD and Honours students from TU/e, WUR, UU and UMC Utrecht are welcome. Third year Bachelor students can apply. Please contact us for this.
  • Registration: open
  • Registration deadline: 20th of May 2024
  • The language of instruction is English

How can we develop our cities and countryside to support all life? This question guides our action research throughout this course. 

This course offers an approach to regenerative development, providing the tools and frameworks to navigate play-based work and offering a regenerative leadership approach for change. It explores regenerative practices for self, society, and place in the Scheg van West—an ecological corridor leading into the city of Amsterdam.

Participants will work with local stakeholders, experts, and the land itself. They will give voice to this place, explore its potential, and help maintain, restore, and regenerate the community, local economy, and nature. Participants will camp on site.

More information: ewuu.nl


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