EWUU Challenge: The Da Vinci Programme

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The Da Vinci Programme

  • Start: September 9th, 2024
  • End: February 7th, 2025
  • For: Master students from all disciplines
  • Registration: Pre-registration is open. Registration starts on June 3th, 2024
  • Study load: 30 EC
  • Language: English

The Da Vinci Programme offers an immersive learning experience that enables the student to become a changemaker, a connector, and an innovator that contributes to the transition towards a sustainable world. In collaboration with private and public partners the student will tackle real-life sustainability challenges.

In an interdisciplinary student team, the student will work part time at a stakeholder’s (partner organization) location. All teams will be mentored by supervisors from the partner organizations and by a coach from university. During the programme weekly workshops will be offered, supporting the students in the process for solving the challenge. Through the workshops students  will be trained in design thinking, systems thinking and interdisciplinary collaboration. The coach will support them on a personal development journey.

This course is interesting for students who want to develop personal skills and competencies like:

  • Learn how to use design thinking
  • Collaborate and communicate with other disciplines
  • Work with real stakeholders (20 hrs of direct contact)
  • Work with various perspectives and from other expertises
  • Have personal guidance from a CBL Coach

 More information: ewuu.nl


Start date and time
End date and time

Pre-registration is open. Registration starts on June 3th, 2024