12 February 2020 from 20:00 to 21:30

Event 'Met studenten denken' | Philosophy and student life

Promotieplaatje boek en evenement Studenten denken

Student life is a phase of independence, change and development. New experiences are often accompanied by big questions in life. During this event, we try to find answers to these life questions based on a book written by 3 students of the Humanities Honours Programme, 'Studentendenken'.

During this philosophical event we seek answers to questions such as How do I stay true to myself in this new phase of life? Do I have enough motivation and passion for my studies? How do I deal with loneliness and friendship? And how can I find satisfaction in the hectic pace of being a student? We challenge the audience to think along with us about current themes such as freedom of choice, performance pressure and meaning. Philosopher Bas Haring reflects on these issues and his own student time. Utrecht City cabaret artist Patrick Meijer provides a comic intermezzo.

Philosophical life guide

The evening is centered arount the recently published book 'Studentendenken' (Student thinking), a philosophical life guide written by three students from Utrecht. In this book, personal experiences from student life are linked to philosophical insights. Some important topics are freedom, stress of choice, uncertainties, commitment and meaning. 


  • Bas Haring is a philosopher and professor of 'Public understanding of science' at Leiden University. He has written many books and columns. His most recent book 'Waarom cola duurder is dan melk' (Why cola is more expensive than milk) was published in 2016.
  • Daniel van Wyngaarden is a Liberal Arts and Sciences student, specialising in philosophy and applied ethics.
  • Luuk Brouns is a Liberal Arts and Sciences student, specialising in philosophy.
  • Veronique Scharwächter is a student in both Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) and Taal- en Cultuurstudies specialising in philosophy. 

Practical information

Start date and time
12 February 2020 20:00
End date and time
12 February 2020 21:30
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