Come to the Night of Utrecht History!

Mensen om tafel voor een creatieve workshop

Who shouted Eureka! in the Dom City and for what reason? Reserve your ticket now and discover it during the Night of Utrecht History on October 14th.

Embark on an adventure with the guides from the Guild, savor a historically delicious drink, and most importantly, don't miss the Grand Archaeology Show. The Utrecht Archives, the Dom Tower, the University Museum, and the Catharijneconvent welcome you with exhibitions, flash lectures, and workshops. During the musical discoveries in the magical Dom Church, you may want to close your eyes for a moment. But afterwards, be sure to pay attention during the concluding Groate Utreg Quiz ('the Big Utrecht Quiz') led by Koos Marsman.

Check out the programme on the Night of Utrecht History website (in Dutch).

Tickets are ten euros for students and fifteen euros for everyone else.

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€10 (students)

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