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Are you curious what kind of jobs are possible after finishing your Master's degree? Join the Life Sciences Career Event webinars!

During the Online Life Sciences Career Events we invite GSLS alumni to talk about their job and the road towards it. Each event has a specific theme, either a field to work in (consultancy, non-profits, pharmaceutical industry), or a topic to help you kickstart your career (finding a job as an international, how to prepare a job interview). These events are facilitated by a GSLS career officer, and you are invited to actively ask questions and/or participate in discussions. Please make sure to register for the events for them to count for the Broadening Life Sciences module. 

Topic: traineeships and programme

Several organizations, NGOs, companies and the (local and national) government have traineeships for young higher education graduates. During this online event, three GSLS alumni will share their experience with doing a traineeship. They tell you more about why they decided to choose for a traineeship, what they really like about their job, what is sometimes difficult, how a typical week looks like, etc. You can pose your own questions for them when you register for this event and we will make sure they answer these questions.

Programme in short

16:00     Start and introduction
16:05     Presentation of all three alumni
16:35     Q&A
16:55     Closer

Alumni information

Nilda Tatipata
Trainee at the national government of the Netherlands, currently working at the Dutch embassy in London

Nilda Tatipata is a Rijkstrainee at the Dutch government. In this 2-year trainee programme, Rijkstrainees switch positions within government every six months. Currently she holds the position of Education and Science Advisor at the Dutch Embassy in London, where Tatipata works on the Dutch-British relation with regards to Education and Science. Tatipata became a Rijkstrainee for the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food safety after she obtained both her Bachelor’s (Biomedical Sciences) and Master’s (Biology of Disease) at Utrecht University. She applied out of curiosity and was led by the thought ‘I can't imagine there are no Biomedical Scientists in government’. One and a half year later, she has met many colleagues who are fellow Life Science Graduates. She has gained diverse work experience in policy, working on topics such as International Agribusiness, Animal Testing and the Transition Program for animal-free Innovations (TPI).

Nilda Tatipata gained her first experiences in policy as a member of the Student Council at the UU Faculty of Medicine, where she had an advisory role towards the Faculty Board. During her master’s she focused her Major on unraveling the mechanisms behind Anthiphospholipid Syndrome and gained experience in Science Communication at Naturalis Biodiversity Center during her Education- and Communication profile. During her academic pursuits, Nilda realized she wanted to focus her career on strengthening the societal value and impact of science. And she believes that the government is the perfect work environment for her ambitions.

Nicole Pastorelli
Trainee sustainability at IKEHU

As a Sustainability Trainee at IKEHU, Pastorelli is immersed in a dynamic environment where learning seamlessly intertwines with contribution. IKEHU transcends the role of a traditional energy supplier for the real estate thanks to additional customer and sustainability-oriented services. For instance, through meticulous data analysis, IKEHU actively provides its clients strategic advice, curbing energy waste, and enhancing sustainability in assets.

Armed with a Master's in Bio-inspired Innovations from Utrecht University, Nicole Pastorelli brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her traineeship also thanks to her previous roles. From sustainability research, strategy, and planning at Utrecht University UULabs to shaping innovative sustainability strategies and overseeing content and communication at FROLIC studio, these experiences lay the groundwork for her role at IKEHU while showcasing her versatile background and commitment to advancing sustainability."

Tessa Remmers 
Management trainee at Talent for Care

Tessa Remmers started as a management trainee at Talent for Care in 2022. This is a 2-year track where 2 - 3 different projects are performed at different healthcare organisations. Throughout the track there is also focus on further development, with a variety of workshops and coaching. Currently, Remmers is in her final project at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam as project manager. 

In 2015 she started her Bachelor's Biomedical Sciences at Utrecht University and followed with a Master degree in Cancer, Stem Cells and Developmental Biology. Even though Remmers was happy with those choices, she decided that continuing in academia and starting a PhD was not the best next step for her and started looking for other options. As she knew she wanted to have a societal impact, she decided that a traineeship in healthcare could help her figure out whether this was more suited. With now having the experience of 3 different roles in a variety of healthcare organisations, it's almost time for the next step.


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