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During the Online Life Sciences Career Events we invite GSLS alumni to talk about their job and the road towards it. Each event has a specific theme, either a field to work in (consultancy, non-profits, pharmaceutical industry), or a topic to help you kickstart your career (finding a job as an international, how to prepare a job interview). These events are facilitated by a GSLS career officer, and you are invited to actively ask questions and/or participate in discussions. Please make sure to register for the events for them to count for the Broadening Life Sciences module. 

Topic: finding a job as an international

Finding a job as an international (non-)EU student can be challenging. We discuss remarkable features regarding the Dutch job market, helpful organizations, and the necessity of learning Dutch.

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Alumni information

Christa Jordan Otiz
Christa Jordan Otiz completed a Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts and Sciences at Erasmus University College in Rotterdam where she Majored in Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences.

After her Bachelor’s she pursued and passed the Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences Master’s program here at Utrecht University. During the Master’s program Christa did her first internship at the Hubrechts Institute in the Galli group. For her second internship she went abroad to the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm in the lab of Maria Genander. Both her internships gave her a nice insight into what it’s like to work in research and gave her a broad experience with different model systems that made her excited about continuing in research.

After her Master’s Christa returned to Utrecht and started her PhD at the Hubrecht Institute back in the Galli lab, where she is currently starting her second year of her PhD. Working on unraveling the biological function of polyploidy in C. elegans.

Saraswati Bhushan
Saraswati Bhushan embarked on her career journey in 2023 as a Junior Consultant at Capgemini Engineering, specializing in the department of Manufacturing, Process, and Quality. Currently, she is engaged in an assignment with ASML, where she serves as a mechanical design engineer. Her pivotal role revolves around contributing to the 3D design of state-of-the-art lithography machines tailored for the semiconductor industry.

Her academic journey commenced in 2016 when she pursued a Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Science at Maastricht University, followed by a Master's in Regenerative Medicine and Technology at Utrecht University. Throughout her studies, she delved into research areas spanning biomaterials and tissue engineering. Notably, her major internship during her Master's program focused on leveraging 3D printing and additive manufacturing techniques for the regeneration of articular cartilage, targeting patients with osteoarthritis.

During her Master's studies, Saraswati discerned a desire to explore career pathways beyond the confines of research and academia. This realization prompted her to opt for a Management profile, diverging from the traditional route of pursuing a minor internship. Concurrently, she actively engaged in extracurricular activities, assuming roles such as a board member of the Apollo Society for Translational Medicine and participating in the Utrecht University Business Course.

The amalgamation of Saraswati's diverse experiences crystallized her passion for both research and management. Her hands-on experience in 3D design, acquired during her major internship, coupled with her invaluable exposure to business and management principles, laid the groundwork for her transition into the realm of design engineering at ASML. Here, she remains steadfast in her pursuit of driving innovation at the nexus of science and technology.

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