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Are you curious what kind of jobs are possible after finishing your Master's degree? Join the Life Sciences Career Event webinars!

During the Online Life Sciences Career Events we invite GSLS alumni to talk about their job and the road towards it. Each event has a specific theme, either a field to work in (consultancy, non-profits, pharmaceutical industry), or a topic to help you kickstart your career (finding a job as an international, how to prepare a job interview). These events are facilitated by a GSLS career officer, and you are invited to actively ask questions and/or participate in discussions. Please make sure to register for the events for them to count for the Broadening Life Sciences module. 

Topic: consultancy

Do you like tackling complex issues? Then consultancy might be a good profession for you! Working project-based and often in various organizations as well, consultancy will be a life-long learning experience. We discuss this with two consultants from different organizations.

Programme in short

16:00     Start and introduction
16:05     Alumnus 1
16:20     Q&A
16:30     Alumnus 2
16:45     Q&A
16:55     Closure

Alumni information

Sanne Mol (Gupta Strategists)

Sanne currently holds the position of Strategist at Gupta Strategists located in the Netherlands. Gupta Strategists is an independent consulting firm for organizations in the healthcare sector, in the Netherlands and abroad. Their goal is to improve healthcare. They advise on strategic issues, provide innovative ideas and implement new strategies.

Sanne obtained a Bachelor's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences at VU university and further pursued their passion through a Master's degree in Drug Innovation within the GSLS at Utrecht University. Thereaftershe went on to do a PhD in immunology at the Amsterdam UMC. During her academic pursuits, Sannecarefully considered what career would suit her best. She always wanted to become a scientist, during her academic journey she found out that she really enjoyed analyzing data, presenting, and explaining complex matters in a simple way. She disliked the pace of doing science, and working alone. Thus she went on a search to find a job that would fit to her interests and found it in strategy consultancy.

Marijn Rieter (BeBright)

Marijn Rieter currently holds the position of Strategy and Innovation Consultant at BeBright, located in Utrecht. His expertise lies in the realm of healthcare. With a career dedicated to his passion for solving complex problems and improving Healthcare, he is combining his consultancy work with a job in Mental Healthcare organization. He believes that his hands on experience in healthcare will improve the quality of his advice and vice versa. A win-win situation!

Having completed his academic journey at Utrecht University, Marijn obtained a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences and further pursued his passion through a master’s degree in Neuroscience and Cognition. During his academic pursuits, Marijn had the opportunity to engage in the Honours Leadership Program, Management Profile, and Major internship in electrophysiology at the Wierenga lab. These experiences laid the foundation for his journey beyond graduation. As Marijn progressed in his career, he ventured into the world of healthcare, innovation, and consultancy. His role includes creating a strategy for a healthcare company, implementation of a new healthcare product, scenario planning and creation of solutions for major societal problems.

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