From 1 September 2021 14:15 to 1 September 2022 16:30

Brown Bag Diversity Meetings (all events)

UCU’s Diversity Committee is organizing a series of low-threshold lunch meetings open to staff and students to spur conversations on topics related to diversity, from inclusive pedagogy to decolonizing the curriculum. The Brown Bag Diversity Lunch is also an opportunity for UCU’s community to get together, engage with discussants and exchange best practices. The BBDL will take place bi-weekly, on Tuesdays at 13.00, unless otherwise noted.

Programme coordinator: Agnes Andeweg

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PROGRAMME 2021-2022

Tue 26 October 13.00-14.00

Location: Locke A, or via MS Teams

Class-Conscious students and scholars, with Jeroen Rijnders (Dept of Philosophy and Religious Studies, UU) and Gina Meimann (UCU student)

Jeroen Rijnders will introduce the Class-Conscious Academics Network at UU, a community by and for students and scholars from lower-class backgrounds, who meet in order to feel more at home in the university. Gina Meimann, who is also part of this group, wrote her thesis at UCU about first generation students. What does it mean to be students and academics from ‘lower-class backgrounds’, and how are class-features like poverty and being a first-generation student related to this? Furthermore, while nowadays many may have some awareness about diversity issues in terms of gender or ethnicity, how is class an axis of inequality, discrimination, bias, and unsafety at the university, and what could we do about this?

Dr. Jeroen Rijnders teaches a.o. ethics at PPE and the dept of Philosophy, his research is on topics like cognitive automaticity, implicit biases, unconscious stereotypes and moral agency.

Gina Meimann wrote her thesis in anthropology at University College Utrecht. In 2020-2021 she was a board member of the Student Council.

This meeting will be hybrid.


Tue 23 Nov 13.00-14.00

Location: Locke A, or via MS Teams

Teaching decolonisation, decolonising teaching with Corey Wright (UCU) and Ozan Ozavci (History, Faculty of Humanities UU)

To what extent are the topics of decolonisation and the way these are taught connected? Ozan Ozavci and Corey Wright will discuss their experiences as teachers involved in decolonizing the curriculum. Are there limits to a liberal education philosophy?

Dr. Ozan Ozavci is assistant professor in transimperial history at Utrecht University and is an associate member of the Centre d’Études Turques, Ottomanes, Balkaniques et Centrasiatiques in Paris.

Dr. Corey Wright is assistant professor in anthropology at UCU and coordinator of the UCU in East Africa programme. 

This meeting will be hybrid.

Start date and time
1 September 2021 14:15
End date and time
1 September 2022 16:30