Biosecurity and Bioterrorism

Life Sciences Seminar


Broad-topic seminar organised by the RIVM and GSLS with the topic Biosecurity and Bioterrorism. 


Iris Vennis, scientist Global Health Security. 

Iris Vennis holds a double Master degree in Global Health and Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences. She joined the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), in 2019 as scientist Global Health Security. Iris is active in various national and international projects and initiatives concerning biosafety, biosecurity, pandemic preparedness, and CBRN response. She is amongst others responsible for providing biosafety/biosecurity trainings and workshops, developing biorisk tools, stakeholder analyses, and laboratory assessments. Currently she is coordinating a project on strengthening biosecurity in South East Europe, Southern Caucasus, and Central Asia. As a biosafety and biosecurity expert, Iris also works in the Dutch Biosecurity Office and is active in the WHO Collaborating Centre for Laboratory Preparedness and Response for High Threat Pathogens and Biorisk. She is part of the CBRN response team as an Expert Biological threats and is an IFBA qualified professional in Biorisk Management, Biosecurity, and Biological Risk Assessment.


Have you ever considered whether your well-intentioned research can be misused, even for a terroristic purpose?
Would you notice if test tubes are missing from the freezer? …

During this lecture biosecurity and its importance to prevent the release of a harmful (biological) agent from your laboratory will be explained. Furthermore we will discuss potential dual-use aspects which can be related to your research and when this becomes a reason for concern.


After the seminar there will be drinks in the hall of the Ruppert building from 5 pm to 6:30 pm. Come and join the drinks to network with fellow Life Sciences students!

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RUPPERT-BLAUW. Because of limited spots available in RUPPERT-BLAUW there is a second room, RUPPERT-WIT. A moderator on location will tell you whether there is still space in BLAUW or request you to join in WIT.

A registration link will be shared during the seminar via QR-code.