Balls of Steel: FC Utrecht Stress Management Clinic


Stress and motivation are two important factors during studies, or when you try to start something new. If you can control your stress and stay motivated, your life is often a lot more manageable! However, this is not easy. During Balls of Steel, top athletes share how they deal with stressful situations and how they gain motivation, even when things are not going so well. 


The event will be 'kicked' off by an FC Utrecht player who will take you through his day. Followed by two workshop rounds, during which top athletes and sports coaches will teach you techniques to help you cope better with stress and regain your motivation. We provide two active and two informative workshops. Difficult choice? No stress! Because you get to choose two. 

The workshops you can choose from are:

1. Day in the life of a pro athlete - Tour of the stadium and breathing exercises
2. Kickboxing - Make yourself resilient and learn from your thoughts
3. Vitaliteitslab - Being healthy, what exactly is that? Dive into the brain and learn how it works. 
4. Mindfullnes - How to get into the "flow" like LeBron James and Novak Djokovic. 


The event will take place at Stadion Galgenwaard, the stadium of Utrecht's professional football club FC Utrecht. Tickets are €5 and include participation in two workshops and drinks (coffee, tea and water).

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Among the ticketholders, we will raffle off 2x two tickets for a FC Utrecht match! Winners get a choice of several matches.

This event is made possible by the LEG's faculty Back to Better Fund, part of the National Education Programme (NPO).

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Stadion Galgenwaard - Van der Lindenzaal
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