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Are you looking for an extra academic challenge?

Are you persistent, hungry for knowledge and do you have a critical attitude? Then honours education could be perfect for you. Honours education deepens your understanding of your field of study, or it provides you with the opportunity to look beyond the boundaries of your field. The Honours College offer two interdisciplinary Bachelors honours programmes: the Da Vinci Project and Descartes College. You follow these programmes on top of your regular Bachelor programme.

Da Vinci Project 

Are you looking for an extracurricular course on sustainability? The English-spoken Da Vinci Project allows you to look across disciplinary boundaries and to step out of your comfort zone. In this short-term honours programme (10 EC) you will meet and work with students from different disciplines to collaborate on real-life sustainability related challenges, together with the involvement of important stakeholders. Click here for more information about Da Vinci Project.

Descartes College

Are you interested in crossing the boundaries of your own discipline? The Dutch spoken Descartes College (30 EC) is a two-year honours programme for students that are interested in broadening their horizons. You follow seminars on topics from other fields together with other motivated students and you have the chance to engage with scientists about important issues within those disciplines. Click here for more information about Descartes College.