12 March 2020 from 15:15 to 17:00studentenwelzijn

Almost graduated: what's next? for Masterstudents

Do you regularly wonder what your next steps after graduation will be? Will you start working, are you going to travel, continue studying, do a PhD? Or do you have no clue at all? Then join the workshop "Almost graduated: what’s next?" In this workshop we will hand you tools to make confident decisions based on your own personal values.

After this workshop:

  • you know which phases you ideally go through to come to a decision;
  • you have insight in how you normally take decisions and what you might want to change in the decision-making process;
  • you know the difference between external norms and your own personal values;
  • you are able to make appropriate decisions based on the balance between external norms and personal values.

Interested? Then sign up for this group by sending an email to wellbeingtrainers.hum@uu.nl


Start date and time
12 March 2020 15:15
End date and time
12 March 2020 17:00
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