AI in Sustainable Cities


We are happy to invite you to the joint event hosted by Transforming Cities and Science for Sustainability. This event will be centered around the theme of ‘AI in Sustainable Cities’. AI technologies have the potential to transform cities into more sustainable, smarter, and efficient urban landscapes. As AI becomes embedded in urban infrastructure, how will it redefine the relationship between citizens and their environment? How can AI-driven decision-making be transparent and accountable?

Join us on Thursday, March 23 at the Grand Café of the Vening Meineszbuilding A on the Utrecht Science Park to explore and discuss the multifaceted implications of AI in sustainable cities. The event will showcase expert perspectives from various fields on this multifaceted topic.

We are happy to announce that Luke Hespanhol from the University of Sydney will join us to speak about the user-centered design of hybrid urban environments. Marco Pellegrino from Utrecht University’s AI & Sustainability Lab will present his project on multi-agent simulations of sustainable mobility solutions in cities. Nanna Verhoeff and Michiel de Lange will offer theoretical reflections on the implementation of AI in sustainable cities and the use of AI for optimizing interventions for a sustainable city.

We look forward to seeing you next week Thursday!

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Vening Meinesz building A, Grand Café (on the left behind the cafeteria)
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