Internships and residency positions

Whether an (internal) internship can go ahead or not depends on the rules that apply to the sector/industry where the internship is being done. If the activities in the branch can go ahead according to those rules, the internship can also go ahead. Travel abroad, internships, exchanges and fieldwork to countries with color code orange or red (according to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs) is not allowed. Only for necessary reasons can travel to a country with an orange or red color code. Education (in any form) is not considered necessary.

You should always follow the guidelines of the hospital or institution where you are doing your internship or residency. If you're doing your internship or residency at another hospital/institution, you will need to follow the policy of that hospital/institution. We advise you to talk to someone from that institution to find out what to do. If you are unable to come to an agreement with the institution, contact the Student Desk (STIP) of your faculty or the International Office.

Internships and residencies Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Internships and residencies of the Master's programmes of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine have largely resumed on location.

Internships and residencies at UMC Utrecht

By now, almost all internships and work placements have restarted, taking into account conditions to protect students, patients and staff. For developments in the UMC Utrecht, keep an eye on the UMC Utrecht Connect page. The study programmes will also inform you via a fortnightly newsletter.

Internship or fieldwork abroad

In accordance with the well-known guidelines it is not allowed to travel in case of code red or orange. Travel is only possible with a travel advice coded green or yellow. The travel advice from the government can be found on the website Netherlands worldwide. The university has drawn up a protocol on fieldwork. Please reach out to the internship coordinator of your faculty to discuss the possibilities and the rules.