From 6 September onwards, we will be offering much of Block 1 education on location, with a maximum of 75 persons in one room. Also, hybrid and online education is scheduled.

Study programmes decide for themselves how their courses will be offered. The maximum group size and scheduling will stay in effect until the second semester.

Where lectures and other courses are scheduled for more than 75 people (we have assumed a maximum of 100 in the timetable), the study programmes themselves determine how they will resolve this and inform their students accordingly.

There are various solutions available, such as having a different group of students on location each week, or converting to an online lecture.

In principle, from block 1 onwards, education will again be held on location and not remotely. However, there are also some study programmes that have chosen to (also) provide education remotely.

In that case, you can participate in this education. You can find out whether your programme offers this option from your programme or the website of the programme.

If your health sittuation does not allow you to attend the lectures (with compulsory attendance ), please contact your study advisor.

Now that the majority of education is again on location, we ask students to come to UU. This said, we do understand that there are students who, despite the measures taken, are concerned about health risks. They should discuss with their study advisor if, due to their health, they are unable to attend a course (with compulsory attendance) on location. 

More information about risk groups on the RIVM website.

If you have to go into quarantine, please inform the lecturer and contact the lecturer/course coordinator if the course involves compulsory attendance. Contact your study advisor if you are unable to attend classes on location for a long period of time.

If you threaten to miss an exam because you have to go into quarantine or because you are briefly ill, contact the examination board of your programme. For some faculties you have to contact the student desk. 

Review the student website of your programme to find out what the procedure is.