Corona tips: from students for students

What tips will help you follow the measures against the coronavirus? Why is it important to do that? Watch videos of fellow students and read their tips.

YouTube videos of students

Students share their experiences about the corona crisis and emphasise the importance of adhering to the corona measures.


Below you will find an overview of tips that fellow students have for you. They shared these tips with the UU via Instagram and Facebook.

  • Keep sharing stories about the coronavirus with your classmates and friends, discuss the impact the virus is having on your lives, and share tips with each other.
  • Leave your home on time when you have a class, as you'll spend more time getting to your classroom because there are other entrances than usual and one-way traffic.
  • Take your time! It makes it easier to keep your distance and it saves you unnecessary risks and stress.
  • Make your room cozy with plants, photos and decorations, because you spend more time here than usual.
  • Think about what you want to achieve after the corona pandemic. That will help you stay motivated.
  • Remember that this disease concerns more than yourself and your own health. You don't just stick to the rules for yourself, but also for your classmates, teachers, your and their family members, et cetera.
  • Learn something new. For example, try a new sport or start a new hobby.
  • Don't eat from the same bowl of crisps, but give everyone their own bowl or bag of crisps.
  • Remind yourself of washing your hands. This can be done by putting reminders in your phone, by downloading an app (e.g. Wash hands for iPhone) or sticking a post-it on your door.
  • Make sure you always have your own hand sanitiser with you, so you can disinfect your hands regularly.
  • Walk with your hands in your pockets in public places to avoid touching surfaces by accident.
  • Clean your keys, doorknobs, light switch, cell phone and other things you touch regularly.
  • Pretend your hands are filthy all the time, as if you have just eaten something. That makes you wash them more often and better.
  • Always act like you want to visit your grandmother the next day. That will help you follow the corona measures.
  • Remember that you are not only keeping 1,5 metres distance for yourself, but also for protecting other students and teachers.
  • Turn it into a game to keep 1.5 metres distance. For example, pretend that you have a balloon around you and that it will break if people come within 1.5 meters. You will lose the game if your balloon is broken. Or count the times that you managed to keep a distance of 1.5 metres.
  • Always bring something that reminds you to keep 1,5 metres distance, for example a picture of your grandparents.
  • Stay on the right side in the hallways as much as possible and follow the arrows.
  • Do your groceries at quiet moments. 
  • Smile at people when they keep 1.5 metres distance (positive confirmation).
  • Visualise what 1.5 meters is, for example two arm lengths or a bicycle.
  • Go outside (together) to walk or cycle. There is more space than inside so it is easier to keep 1.5 metres distance from each other.
  • Study with friends in the university library. You can study together while keeping 1.5 metres distance.
  • Play fun online games at the end of the day with your workgroup to socialise and relax. For example Jackbox, Among Us,
  • Organise online study sessions with your classmates.
  • Play (board)games together through Microsoft Teams or while calling over the phone.
  • Organise digital drinks or quizzes with your classmates, friends and/or family. A fun online activity is the 'Home Pubquiz' podcast on Spotify.