Information Session: Career Perspectives for International Students in the Netherlands

information session for international students may 22

There are many opportunities in the Netherlands for international (non-EU/EEA) students who want to work on their careers after their education. They can kickstart their career at a company in the Netherlands, get started with their own innovative startup, or start their own business. International talent is very welcome to build their future in the Netherlands. The Netherlands Point of Entry (part of the Rijkstdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland) is committed to adequately informing international students about the possibilities after their studies in the Netherlands.

For this reason, RVO offers students information in the form of a presentation in which they will provide information about, among other things: the startup visa, the self-employed visa, the necessary startup personnel visa, the highly skilled migrant visa, and the orientation year visa. Besides the more practical visa information, they also want to tell more about, for example, the startup ecosystem in the Netherlands. After the presentation, you also have the opportunity to ask questions.

When: May 22
Time: 15.30-16.30
Where: KBG - Pangea