Kriekenpitplein 1, 3584 EC Utrecht, The Netherlands

The university grounds are smoke-free.

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Opening hours

Mon 8:00-22:00
Tue 8:00-22:00
Wed 8:00-22:00
Thu 8:00-22:00
Fri 8:00-22:00
Sat Closed
Sun Closed

From week 52 to week 1 the opening hours can deviate. View the opening hours here.

In this building

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • University College Utrecht


Getting there

By Public Transport


Nearest bus stop: Kromme Rijn


Nearest tram stop: Kromme Rijn


From Utrecht Central Station:

Take a bus or tram 22 to the De Kromme Rijn stop or take a bus to the De Hoogstraat bus stop.

By Car

You can enter the address ‘Campusplein 1’ in Utrecht into your route planner. The ICU has very few parking facilities, and these are primarily reserved for local residents and loading and unloading areas for goods vehicles.

Bicycle Parking


On the ICU there are various possibilities to store your bike.

Accessibility and inclusion


Main entrance

Wheelchair accessible 

Location: on the south side of the building.

Type: regular door.

Note: this building only has a ground floor.


Not present

The building only has a ground floor.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Accessible toilet


Location: you will find the toilet on the left hand side of the hallway. It is the first door on the right.


Not present

Contact the central control room of Facility Services: tel. +31 30 253 1300

Lactation, first aid or quiet room

Not present 

Nearest: Adam Smith Hall 

Photo Gallery

  • Front view of the Auditorium
  • The main entrance of the Auditorium
  • The accessible toilet of the Auditorium