Since 1 September 2019, drinks and events in and around university buildings are alcohol-free during regular office hours (before 5 p.m.). The alcohol policy applies to employees, students and external parties. This is supplementary to the prevailing policy that employees should not drink alcohol during  working hours and students should not drink alcohol in the UU buildings during regular teaching hours.


  • The University Hall (incl. Faculty Club), University Museum, Botanic Gardens and Parnassos are mainly used for (ceremonial, cultural and other) events and have a public function. That’s why alcohol may be served before 5 p.m.
  • Spirits (15% alcohol or more) are no longer served anywhere, with the exception of in the Faculty Club.
  • If you organise an event at an external location, the rules of the relevant operator apply. The Basket and Olympos are also external locations.
  • On working days, external parties cannot serve alcohol before 5 p.m. On weekend days, the event organiser determines whether alcohol is served before 5 p.m.
Alcoholvrije dranken

What alternatives are offered?

You can order various non-alcoholic alternatives via Eurest at

The alcohol-free drinks cart offers options like beer 0.0, Radler 0.0, alcohol-free wine, ginger ale and Thijs tea ginger/lemon and apple/nettle. Thijs tea is iced tea that is made from disapproved fruit.

When you make a custom-made order there are more possibilities, for example alcohol-free sparkling options and alcohol-free cocktails (mocktails).

How is the policy enforced?

The UU caterers do not provide alcohol when events take place before 5 p.m.

Are you allowed to drink alcohol outside?

It does not matter whether your event takes place in an university building or on the university grounds next to a university building.

More vital and healthy society

The standardised alcohol policy fits with the National Prevention Agreement in which more than seventy organisations made agreements on striving for a smoke-free generation, preventing problematic alcohol us and decreasing the number of overweight and obese people. The ultimate goal is a healthier society.