Intercultural learning

Are you going on exchange and do you want to be well prepared for the differences you may encounter abroad, and know how to deal with them? Then perhaps this course might be something for you. You can also gain 2.5 study points (ECTS credit)!

Intercultural Learning

This is course is offered in Dutch & English to students going abroad, both in the Fall (Semester 1: TL1V18003) and in the Spring semester (Semester 2: TL1V18004). During this course you acquire insight in intercultural communication, learn to reflect on your experiences during your semester abroad, and to identify and formulate (intercultural) competences in career training upon your return.

Before departure, you attend two meetings, in which you familiarize yourself with concepts such as culture, intercultural communication and acculturation. During your stay abroad, Blackboard serves as the communication platform. In various written assignments, you reflect on your (intercultural) experiences.

After return

Upon return, you attend two meetings, which assist you in identifying and verbalizing the intercultural competences you have acquired during your study abroad period. In a career training, you learn how you can make use of those skills and competences for your future career.

Read the complete course description in the course planner:

Course duration

Semester (i.e. two blocks)

Course load

2,5 EC


The assessment for this course is based on the reflection assignments you write before, during, and after your stay abroad.

Number of groups

One group of 20-25 students (more groups might be started)

Participants & entry requirements

Students of Utrecht University who have been accepted for an exchange semester at a partner university abroad. In case the number of applications exceeds the maximum of 25, a selection committee will assign the available places.

Research on the outcomes of studying abroad

This course is part of a research project, aimed at analyzing the learning outcomes of a study abroad period. This means that you will also be asked to fill out a pre- and post-course questionnaire and you may be approached for reflection interviews while abroad (via Skype) and upon your return. These methodologies will also help you to better identify and formulate what you have learned while abroad and how this can increase your career opportunities.