You can apply for your exchange online, via Osiris Student. Make sure you meet the deadline. You will find the application instructions below. Good luck!

Prepare the required documents

Always use the format provided, if available. Address your documents to your first choice of university, and write everything in English. For guidelines see the application instructions.

  1.  Study plan
  2.  Motivation letter
  3.  CV
  4.  Financial plan
  5.  Proof of Language Proficiency (only if applicable)


Submit your application by following these steps:

Osiris Stay Abroad will open for applications 2018-2019 around half October. You can apply from then onwards.

  1. Go to Osiris Student
  2. Click on the ‘Stay Abroad’ tab
  3. Click on ‘New request’ (bottom left)
  4. Select the correct application request: ‘exchange to a partner university abroad in 2018-2019’
  5. List a maximum of 3 universities, at least 2 are required.
  6. Click on ‘Submit’

Sometimes there are more applications than the number of places available at a host university. In such cases selection is required.

Selection criteria
Your motivation is the most important selection criterion: why did you choose this specific university and how does this exchange fit in with your study programme and future plans? The selection committee will focus on the following aspects:

  1. Motivation letter and study plan
  2. The rest of the application (study progress, grades, CV and financial plan)

The selection process takes place in rounds. You can only be placed at your second (or third) choice if there are places left after the first round.

Selection is not always necessary
Placement for a university wide exchange programme is not subject to stricter requirements than placement for a faculty programme. For over half of our destinations selection is not required and if selection does take place, the competition is not very fierce.

Application deadline 2018-2019

The application deadline for exchange in 2018-2019 is:

1 December 2017

UCU/UCR have a different application procedure and deadline.

Overview exchange process

Here you will find an overview and timeline of your exchange process.