Xiamen University


Xiamen University is a universitywide partner in Xiamen, China.

Student experiences

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General information for exchange students

Course information

Academic calendar

Semester I: mid-September – mid-January
Semester II: mid-February – mid-July



Courses at Master’s level

The International Postgraduate courses are available for Bachelor exchange students.

Language of instruction


Housing assistance


Estimated living costs per month

About 350 euro per month.

Residence rents: 600-1200RMB/month not including utilities, depending on the type of accommodation chosen. The apartments are well-equipped with modern facilities, including telephones, air-conditioning, cable TV, internet access points and separate toilets. Students may also choose to live off-campus, which would enhance their understanding about Chinese culture and customs. Other expenditure (food, transport, academic expenses): about 1300 RMB/month.


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Number of places available

4 places per year



If you have any questions about this universitywide partner university, contact the universitywide International Office.