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Leeds University is an exchange destination for University College Utrecht students in Leeds, United Kingdom.

Leeds University is interesting for all fields.

Number of places available

5 per semester

Academic calendar

Fall Semester: Mid-September – late January (including exams)
Spring Semester: Late January – early June (including exams)

Language of instruction


Course offerings

No overview of all courses is available; you’ll have to look them up per faculty. In general, all courses are open to exchange students. UCU has a specific exchange program with the Honors, Double Major Program of Leeds. As a consequence, a specific part of the curriculum (honors courses) might be open for UC students; this means that you are allowed to take courses in all faculties. 

Students can request to take any module listed in the module catalogue as being “suitable for incoming study abroad (isa)”. See Module Catalog here

Some schools will require students to select specific modules or meet specific pre-requisites (e.g. in the School of English). We advise that students refer to this page to check for guidance which may be relevant to them. See "School Specific Module Guidance" for more information.

Course levels

Courses at Leeds University have three levels: the first level is for beginners, the second is intermediate and the third level is for those with experience in the subject, usually graduates. Course codes indicate the level, e.g. HIST1xxx is a one-level history course. 

Please note that if you will be in your third year of study while you are at Leeds, this does not mean you will automatically be accepted for level 3 modules.

Credit system

You can find information on this university’s credits in the credit conversion table

Grade system

The grade system in Leeds will be converted to the UCU scale as follows:

GradeBasic grade pointLeeds system

Housing in one of the university buildings (which are located both on and off-campus) is guaranteed to exchange students that apply for it in time. There is both catered and self-catering accommodation. More information here. Alternatively, there is also no shortage of private accommodation in Leeds.


The costs of university housing can differ, depending on which building you opt for and whether you want to include a meal-plan or not. (Even if you opt for a meal-plan, all buildings have some kind of kitchenette.) Catered housing will cost between £99- 150 per week (€ 110-166). Housing without meals cost between £80-112 (€88-124) weekly. An exact overview is to be found here.  

In general, the UK is a bit more expensive than the Netherlands.


A non-compulsory welcome program is organised for International students prior to every semester. It includes many activities that are mainly aimed at getting to know new friends. This information will be sent to you shortly before your arrival to Leeds.


Leeds is a city of 800,000 inhabitants in central England. It is a historical industrial town. Find out more here

Student life

The university has about 36,000 students. It has a campus in the city of Leeds with sports facilities and housing. 

University of Leeds has a range of services to support students: The Study Abroad Office is always a point of contact for students during their time at Leeds.  

The International Student Office is able to offer advice about immigration and living in the UK. 

The Global Community team connects students socially. Amongst other events, there is a Global Café every Monday evening, with free tea, juice and biscuits. 

Moreover, Leeds has the biggest Student Union of England and has a number of societies clubs on offer that you could join. Students can see which clubs and societies are on offer at the Leeds University Union. They can also use Joblink to search for job opportunities on and around campus.  

Student experiences

Semesters are short at Leeds University and the amount of contact hours might be a bit lower than at UCU, but the final tests and exams do require quite some preparation and research and the academic quality is very good. The welcome program for International students is helpful and fun, and the University offers good sport facilities. 

It might be a good idea to look for off-campus housing or at least to check the university housing where you’ll be placed in advance. Leeds is centrally located and has an airport, so travelling through the country will be very easy! 

More information

For information about the requirements for studying abroad, the application procedure and more, go to UCU's Study abroad page. 

You can browse through all UCU exchange destinations and UU exchange destinations in the exchange catalog.