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This means this exchange destination is available to all students of Utrecht University

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Academic calendar

September up to and including December
Mid January up to and including May

Academic Calendar

Orientation: Autumn semester: last week of August / Spring semester: second week of January. For exact dates, see the website

Please note there may be a semester overlap in the second/spring semester!


Language of instruction: English, Finnish or Swedish

Language requirements: 
English: B2 (VWO level English is sufficient)
For more information about language requirements

Areas of study open for exchange students

search by key word; choose target group: suitable for exchange students.

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English studies and medicine are excluded from the agreement.

Courses at Master level


Estimated living costs per month

Costs and finance

The monthly living costs for a student in Helsinki for basics such as food, rent and transportation are on average 700-1000 euros


Normal study load per semester: in credits:  30 ECTS (each course is worth 5 credits so on average a total of 6 courses per semester)

Number of places available

15 semester places


For the students wanting to live in a student dormitory, University of Helsinki has agreed with housing providers, including Unihome and HOAS (Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region), on a number of rooms for incoming exchange students. Apartments are located around Helsinki. Students should choose their housing option based on their budget and their wishes.

Exchange students submit their housing application as a part of their exchange application. Their information will be forwarded to housing providers. Each exchange student will receive one housing offer. 

Information about various other housing options is available here

Cost of living

For more information click here

Grading system

The University of Helsinki uses a six-level grading scale from 0 to 5.
5 = excellent or A
4 = very good or B
3 = good or C
2 = satisfactory or D
1 = passable or E
0 = fail or F or FX
In addition to applying this grading scale, a pass/fail grade may be used when grading certain courses, e.g. ones containing practical training or practical skills. Please note it is not possible to receive a numeric grade for these courses.

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If you have any questions about this universitywide partner university, contact the universitywide International Office.