University of Birmingham


The University of Birmingham is an exchange destination for University College Utrecht students in Birmingham, United Kingdom. UCU has an agreement with the Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences department which allows you to follow courses at almost all their departments/faculties. 

Number of places available

2 per semester

Academic calendar

Fall Semester: Late September – mid-January (including exams – arrival mid-September) 
Spring Semester: Early February – late June (including exams) 

Language of instruction


Course offerings

You can find the course offerings here

Credit system

One year of study at the University of Birmingham equals 120 credits. This means that 2 University of Birmingham credits equal 1 EC. A 30 EC semester course load is therefore 60 credits. 


You can apply for university housing. There are many accommodations for different prices. Note that priority is given to students applying for accommodation for the entire year rather than one semester. 


You can find an overview of living costs in Birmingham here


There is an orientation week before the start of class in Fall semester only, including one especially for international students. In Spring semester there is the UoBe Festival before the start of class, but it doesn’t have an introductory element.  


The university campus is located on the edge of the city of Birmingham, the United Kingdom’s second city with about 3 million inhabitants. Birmingham is a former industrial center in the middle of England. Find out more about the city here.  

Student life

The university has about 35,000 students. There are about 250 student societies managed by the Student Guild which engage in all sorts of different activities. The campus also has extensive sports facilities. Explore the campus here

Student experiences

The University of Birmingham is a new destination, and therefore we have not received feedback from our students yet. Be the first to discover the University of Birmingham!