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Universität of Innsbruck (Austria) is an exchange destination for students of the Faculty of Geosciences. In this information sheet you will find more information about this university. 

Student experiences

General information for exchange students


Course information


Academic calendar


Academic year

October – July 2017 (depending on each faculty’s schedule). No courses in February.

Obtaining a Bachelor’s degree requires 3 years of study .


Two per year (15 weeks each).

  • Semester I: approx. 1st October – 31st January
  • Semester II: approx 1st March –first week of July


  • Exam session in January
  • Exam session in June


Master’s programmes comprise 120 ECTS-Credits, which is equivalent to a study period of two years (four semesters). Master’s programmes are designed to deepen and extend the knowledge and skills provided during the bachelor’s programme.


Since courses are almost all held in German you must have a sufficient level of competence in German to attend lectures and pass examinations.

Erasmus Incomings will be automatically accepted by our Admission Department within the corresponding Bachelor Progamme of their studies and receive a Letter of Admission.

For acceptance within a Master Programme as an Erasmus Incoming the original certificate of your Bachelor degree as well as proof of registration in a Master Programme (original version) at the home university must be presented – at the latest on the occasion of registration in the Admission Department.

Areas of study open to exchange students


Courses at Master’s level


Language of instruction

Bachelor’s courses are (almost all) in German, Master’s courses sometimes also in English.

Housing assistance

Yes: See Accomodation

Estimated living costs per month
  • Average expenses for accommodation and living in Innsbruck can be estimated at approx. EUR 580 per month.
  • Local transportation: 45 Euros (monthly)

The standard unit of study is the semester. The normal load of a semester is 30 credits. The convention of 30 credits/semester was chosen to adjust to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The credits assess the normal volume of a student's work.

Number of places available


Additional information

More information about studying abroad: in Dutch and in English.